São Paulo disappears, and conversation stops by agreement in a fight for R$ 30 million – 08/26/2021

With Thiago Braga, collaboration for UOL

Agent André Cury fights with São Paulo for R$ 30 million in court, in two processes. The parties attempted a deal last month, but the club has since stopped looking for the manager. So the imbroglio continues.

According to the column, the tricolor team did not make new contacts with Cury, after attempts to get right that came to halt the executions that run in the courts of São Paulo. With the disappearance of the club, the agent continued the feat.

The disappearance of the tricolor team in the interweaving coincides with the period that President Julio Casares was contaminated by Covid-19. According to the club, it is the manager who resolves issues of this type, which ended up delaying a friendly composition with the entrepreneur.

Julio Casares announced that he was with Covid at the end of July. The next day, he was admitted on medical advice, despite having mild symptoms. He had already taken the two doses of the vaccine, and the referral to the hospital was a precaution.

According to what the column found, despite the hospitalization that has lasted 26 days, Casares is getting better every day. The trend is for it to rise next week.

Meanwhile, Cury’s lawsuit against the club continues in the Judiciary. Last week, the entrepreneur’s lawyers asked for the challenge to the monitory embargoes presented by São Paulo.

The agent pointed out that São Paulo does not deny receipt of the amount borrowed and proven through documents and also confessed that it had not paid any portion of the loan agreement.

For Cury’s representatives, it borders on bad faith for São Paulo to claim the nullity of the contract formalized by its own legal department, with the club’s letterhead and signed by its representatives.

In a statement delivered to the Court last Monday (23), Cury stated that he has no interest in a conciliation hearing and therefore asked for an early judgment of the case.

The agent charges the payment of a loan on the purchase of the striker Raniel, in 2019. Cury still moves a R$ 10.3 million action for the sales of Paulo Henrique Ganso and Lucas Pratto.