Seagate Announces New Line of External Drives for Xbox Consoles

New Includes Custom Halo Infinite Template

THE seagate, a leading data storage company, today announced new storage devices designed and developed for Xbox consoles. Are they: Game Drive for Xbox, Game Drive Hub for Xbox and a special version, the Game Drive for Xbox: Halo Infinite Special Edition (SE).

The new products are designed to offer console gamers greater storage capacity Xbox, using the best technology available today.

The minimalist design chosen by the seagate to present on their new devices, the game drive it’s the Game Drive Hub bring lighting green LED in a way that is elegant and at the same time reminiscent of the Xbox brand.

Products are easily connected to consoles Xbox through a door USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0), no separate power cord is required. Its installation and configuration is carried out in an easy and intuitive way through the console’s dashboard.

O game drive will be available in two storage options, 2 TB and 4TB in its basic version and in the options of 2 TB and 5TB in the special Halo Infinite version, which has a unique aesthetic customization that includes customizable LEDs.

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The model Hub comes with two front ports USB-C and USB-A on the front so users can add more peripherals to the Xbox. This model will be released in a single option with 8 TB of storage.

Check the values ​​of each model advertised:

  • Game Drive 2TB: $92.49
  • Game Drive 4TB: $124.99
  • Game Drive Hub 8TB: 219.99
  • Halo Infinite SE 2TB Game Drive: $99.99
  • Halo Infinite SE 5TB Game Drive: $169.99

The products start to be made available in September US U.S and reached consumers with three years of Rescue Data Recovery Services plus a one-year warranty.

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