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At 19, Guilherme Santos is the youngest approved in a Anbima certification, an association that represents the capital and investment market, with employment in a financial institution. He wanted to work in the area watching videos of influencers like Thiago Nigro and Tiago Reis. Guilherme is still an intern at a large bank, but he is already on his way to achieving the third certificate in the sector. “I want to try a little bit of everything and help people to invest better”, he says.

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In addition to being a personal brand, his story is a symptomatic example of a phenomenon that happens in the financial market. The search for a career in the area grows, amid increased competition between banks and investment platforms, in addition to the increased production of content on finance and the increase in the number of people investing outside savings. The demand for industry certifications grows between insiders and outsiders, such as students or people who want to change industries.

In addition to having a license to act, candidates try to qualify to be chosen amidst the dispute for the best vacancies. There are houses that require certificates beyond the minimum necessary to employ and there have been cases of financial institutions that have stolen entire teams with certified people from the competition.

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At 14, Leonardo de Gomes is the youngest approved in the CEA, Anbima’s advanced level certification to act as an investment specialist. “I haven’t started investing yet, but I’m curious about this subject, I see a lot of videos”, he says.

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The CEA is the certificate of the entity whose search goes up the most. The number of people with active certification jumped 39% between 2015 and 2020 and reached 12 thousand.

“CEA is exploding, linked to the rapid growth of this investment world, the drop in interest rates and the migration of investors to riskier assets”, he says. Marcelo Billi, superintendent of the certification area at Anbima. “The demand for these professionals has grown and the interest of people who want to be investment specialists has also grown.”

In addition to the CEA, the entity provides the CPA-10 and CPA-20, gateways to sell products, and the CGA, for investment fund managers. In all, there are 12 thousand exams performed per month. To pass the exams, there are candidates who study alone, with the help of simulations and videos on the Internet, and there are those who take preparatory courses.

However, only about half of the candidates pass.. Because of this, there are expressions of hatred towards Anbima on social networks. In return, people also celebrate text approvals on LinkedIn.

The responsibility of these professionals is huge. They are on the cutting edge, selling products that have a very long-lasting impact on people’s lives.. It is important to check if they are minimally prepared”, says Billi. The test is prepared by a group of experts, made up of experienced academics and professionals.

Lucy Sousa, Executive President of Apimec, an association representing independent investment analysts who recommend or contraindicate assets, also highlights the great responsibility of these professionals.

“It is a career that is increasingly recognized in the Brazilian and international market. The candidate needs to be connected to the economic situation and market demands and has to be an open-minded person, to make technical and not political recommendations”, he says.

Self-employed agents double in two years

By far, the fastest accelerating career in the financial market is that of an independent agent, also known as an investment advisor. This professional is linked to a broker, sells its products and earns commissions for that., similar to an insurance broker. He can answer questions about financial investments, but he cannot suggest investments.

There are 12,200 independent agents linked to brokerages, double compared to just two years ago, according to Ancord, association that represents the brokers and that gives the AAI certification, to be a self-employed agent. The largest portion are men between 26 and 35 years old, with complete higher education.

“We are walking to 2021 will be the year we give out more certifications to be an autonomous agent, in the midst of the pandemic”, he says Orlando Júnior, responsible for the certification and accreditation area at Ancord. “I think this has a lot to do with the quest for knowledge and influencers’ lives, some with 70,000 people watching. There are a lot of people wanting to know about investments and this ends up attracting people to this market.”

In the pandemic, the entity began to carry out online tests to meet the demand. Most of those looking for the certificate are former bank employees who have lost their jobs with the closing of the branches and they see an opportunity in a career as a self-employed agent. Another portion are students or recent graduates, not necessarily from the area of ​​economics. “The brokers themselves have created structures to train this audience,” says Júnior.

CFP also has high as a distinction

The CFP, the only certification that is just a distinction, not a requirement to act, is also on the rise with the increase in competition between professionals and financial institutions. The certificate is a qualified financial planner seal, increasingly sought after by other professionals, mainly self-employed agents and investment specialists from banks serving high-income clients.

There are 6,100 CFPs in Brazil, twice as many as five years ago, and 63% work within banks. “We are the fifth country in the global ranking of CFPs. The gringos want to know what we’re doing,” he says Márcia Dessen, member of Planejar’s board of directors and certification committee, association representing financial planners and that gives the CFP.

She claims that certification is what differentiates one professional from another and, in some cases, it is what opens the door to the job market. “It is very important for the final consumer to know that he/she must be attended by a person who is qualified and the brokers end up demanding so as not to lose competitiveness”, he says.

After all, how to stand out? See advice

With so many career alternatives and certifications, after all, which to choose and how to stand out? Currently, there is demand especially for CFP and CFA certifications, the most important foreign certification for working with investments, according to Ana Carla Guimarães, Recruitment Manager at Robert Half Human Resources Consulting.

“The hottest ones are these, but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t equally important for certain subjects, in actuarial sciences and insurance, for example”, he says.

She says that digital innovation within the financial market is taking shape and, therefore, qualified professionals in this area draw attention.

“Those who are entering now, in addition to having the classic certifications, need to be attuned to knowledge that demystifies the digital world. The credit face of the bank is not the same credit face of a digital bank, for example”, he advises. Thus, Guimarães indicates specializing in technological innovation or programming..

In addition, the recruitment manager recommends that the candidate have entrepreneur’s vision, even within a large financial institution. “It’s like he owns the business. He can’t think the result will come anyway. The person who does well in the financial market has extra demands compared to other segments”, he says.

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