See 6 exercises to get your thighs healed like Lula’s

Since a photo of former president Lula wearing swim trunks alongside his partner, Rosângela da Silva, appeared in the web, don’t talk about another subject. All it takes is a tour of social media to find the agenda. The theme of the moment even inspired personalities from the universe fitness, as model and influencer Gracyanne Barbosa.

However, to conquer the long dreamed of defined legs it is necessary to sweat your shirt. If the plan is, like the politician, to draw attention on the internet for its shapely legs next summer, check out a selection of exercises recommended by personal trainers to do at home or at the gym.



The indication of the personal trainer Paula Mandarino is all about powering the squat — in all its variations. According to the expert, this is a simple type of exercise and its execution does not require equipment. Just a free space at home and pay attention to some fundamental points:

Always keep your feet below your hips, abdomen tight, back elongated, shoulder blades close together, and chest wide open. Did you learn the position? Time to sweat your shirt.

With your feet spread farther apart and your toes facing outward, lower your hips by bringing your buttocks back and down. Press your heels to the floor to extend your hips and return to a standing position. “The movement is like sitting in a chair”, teaches the personal.

With your hips low, do a short up-and-down movement, lifting your buttocks back and down.

With the broomstick over your head with arms outstretched, repeat the up and down movement. Remember to maintain correct posture while performing the exercise.

This is a squat done one foot at a time while the other is suspended from the floor in front of you. The movement is somewhat more advanced, as it requires, in addition to strength, a lot of mobility and balance.


leg press 45

For those who do not give up the gym and the equipment, Marília Rojas Bayma, specialist in strength training at Bodytech Asa Norte, advises investing in two to three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions on the device. Push the weight with your legs back and forth. Between sets, take a break of about one minute and 20 seconds.

I sink into Smith with step

Another excellent apparatus exercise, according to Marília, is the slump. To perform the exercise, place your feet on the machine, and go down to your knees. Meanwhile, hold a barbell above your shoulders. Remember to maintain correct posture.

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