Seniors in SP will receive a booster dose of the Coronavac vaccine, says Gabbardo

In an interview with CNN this Wednesday (25), the executive coordinator of the Contingency Center Against Covid-19 of the state of São Paulo, João Gabbardo, said that the elderly will receive a booster dose of the Coronavac vaccine in the state.

On Tuesday (24), the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, announced that as of September 15, a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be applied to elderly people over 70 and immunosuppressed people (recently transplanted , with cancer, severe burns, etc.) who took the second dose at least six months ago. The Ministry of Health highlighted, however, that the immunizing agent chosen for the booster dose will be from Pfizer.

“We are going to apply the third dose of Coronavac; there has been work showing that this has an excellent effect and a very large boost in the immune system of these people,” said Gabbardo.

One of the reasons why the state of São Paulo will prioritize the immunizing Coronavac as a booster dose is to speed up the immunization process in adults who have not completed the second dose, as explained by the coordinator of the Contingency Center against Covid-19.

“As important as this additional dose for the elderly is that we give the second dose to those who are only on the first dose. We know that to fight the Delta variant it is necessary that the immunization is complete. We will preferentially use the doses of Astrazeneca and Pfizer to complete the complete immunization of all people who live in the state of São Paulo”, he said.

About the Coronavac vaccine, Gabbardo pointed out that the immunizing agent was responsible for protecting groups with more “immune development difficulties” in relation to other vaccines. For example, it covered the elderly aged 80 and 90, in addition to health professionals who work on the front lines in the fight against the pandemic.

“Wanting to associate vaccination failures with Coronavac is unfair, because Coronavac took the most risky patients and performed excellently. All vaccines are good, and the Coronavac vaccine has shown high effectiveness, even though it was responsible for immunizing people with much more difficulty than others,” said Gabbardo.