Sérgio Reis is hospitalized in São Paulo after becoming the target of an operation by the PF

Singer Sérgio Reis was hospitalized yesterday in São Paulo after becoming the target of a Federal Police investigation due to a leaked audio. The information was published by the presenter Geraldo Luís on social networks.

In contact with the UOL, the artist’s team said it is not yet “authorized to answer” about the hospitalization and that it will talk to Sérgio Reis to “clarify the facts better”.

“I came to visit my dear friend at the hospital. He is better and beside his beloved Angela. He had to be hospitalized yesterday, soon at home, God willing,” said Geraldo Luís in an Instagram publication.

The presenter of Record did not comment on the cause of hospitalization in the post. Geraldo appears smiling beside the artist when he visits him at the hospital.

At 81 years of age, Sérgio Reis said he was “sad and in poor health” in an interview with “Domingo Espetacular” due to the leaked audio. In the recording that went viral on social networks, the singer calls a national strike of truck drivers to protest against the 11 ministers of the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

O UOL contacted the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, mentioned by Geraldo Luís in the publication. “We don’t have any confirmation so far,” replied the press office about the artist’s hospitalization.

In August 2018, Sérgio Reis was admitted to the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo, where he underwent cardiac surgery after fibrillation. atrial. At the same time, the singer also dealt with the diabetes index, which was out of control.

What Sérgio Reis says

The countryman apologized for the audio in an interview with Roberto Cabrini on “Domingo Espetacular”. Calling the person who would have leaked the content “friend of the jaguar”, the singer continued to regret what he said.

I messed up, man, who doesn’t, who doesn’t do something stupid one day? I don’t regret anything, just that unfortunate phrase I played with a friend and leaked, but it’s not reality. […] I want to redeem myself with these people, sorry. to the supreme [Tribunal Federal], if you have any request to arrest me, I accept it with respect. I didn’t leave here, I didn’t hide. If at 6 am the Federal Police comes here at home, I surrender. […] I’m democratic, I’m good, I’m love.
Sergio Reis

“Nowadays, no one is secretive anymore. It was really unbalanced. They called me old gaga. At 81 years old, we get a bit gaga. […] I may not even be, but I talked nonsense like an old gaga. […] I’m sad because they’re judging me in a way that I’m not,” he added.

understand the case

Last week, the PF fulfilled search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to singer Sérgio Reis issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

The objective, according to the PF, is to find out if the singer committed the crime of inciting the population to practice “violent and threatening acts against Democracy, the Rule of Law and its Institutions, as well as against members of the Powers”.