Sérgio Reis’s record with partnerships is canceled after singers give up

The artist’s son informed that he had been working on this project for a long time, but that it no longer exists

Reproduction / Instagram / will be official / 25.08.2021Son of Sérgio Reis said his father’s record with partnerships was canceled

The singer’s partnership album Sergio Reis will no longer be released after several artists have left the project. Marco Bavini, son of the countryman, confirmed the information to Young pan: “I stopped working on the CD. I recorded it, chose the repertoire and had been producing for a long time, including. My world is musical and the work left that environment, so I stopped with the project. I had no choice, there is no more CD”. Guarabyra, Guilherme Arantes, Maria Rita and Zé Ramalho are some of the singers who would participate in the project, but they gave up after leaking an audio in which Sérgio talks about a demonstration planned for the next 7th of September, in which the printed vote and impeachment will be required. of the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

“If in 30 days they don’t take those guys out, we’re going to invade, break everything and take them out. Ready”, declared the singer in the audio that went viral on social networks. After these statements, the interpreter of “O Menino da Porteira” was investigated by the Federal Police and had his cell phone seized. Singer Paula Fernandes was the only artist who kept her participation on the album saying it was an “absolutely artistic” decision. The presenter Ratinho also spoke about the case and criticized live on SBT the artists who abandoned the project. After being “cancelled” by famous people and many fans – who even burned records from the sertanejo –, Sérgio apologized for the leaked audio and emphasized that he maintains his support for the strike, but without any kind of aggression.