Settled with Fortaleza, Lucas Lima awaits the approval of Palmeiras to carry out a transfer

Outside the plans of the board and the technical committee of the palm trees, midfielder Lucas Lima can leave the club. With advanced conversations with Fortaleza, Verdão’s endorsement remains, which accepts a loan by the end of the year and seeks to equate the division of salaries so that the negotiation can be carried out.

Lucas Lima arrived at Palmeiras in 2018 (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

Lucas Lima arrived at Palmeiras in 2018 (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

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A new meeting this Wednesday afternoon (25) could define the situation. The information was disclosed by journalist Rogério Assis, from Rádio Bandeirantes and confirmed by BIDS!/OUR LECTURE.

Sought by the team from Ceará through its agents, the midfielder is seen as an above-average athlete for national football and, despite not being a request from coach Vojvoda, Fortaleza’s management saw the hiring as a market opportunity. With that, the conversations quickly evolved through a loan. For the deal to be completed, an endorsement by Alviverde is enough, which has already publicly expressed its interest in negotiating the shirt 20.

After almost closing Lucas’ transfer to Santos, Palmeiras continued to receive polls from other teams interested in relying on the athlete’s football. The high salaries of the left-hander are an impediment for many associations that seek Palmeiras and an alternative has been to negotiate the payment division. In the case of Santos, for example, Alviverde would pay about 55% of the salary, while the rival would be responsible for the rest. His current bonuses per game would be negotiated between the new club and athlete.

The president of Fortaleza, Marcelo Paz, praised midfielder Lucas Lima in an interview on the Jogo Aberto program this Tuesday (25). A target of the club from Ceará, the player has advanced conversations and just waits for the approval of Palmeiras to settle with the new team.

– Lucas Lima is an ace. A player that would definitely interest us a lot. I’m focused on today’s game, but I can say he’s an interesting player yes! – confirmed the agent.

Lucas Lima has not been used by Abel Ferreira or even composed the reserve bank in some appointments. Therefore, Alviverde tries to find a solution that is good for all parties. A greater part of Lucas Lima’s salaries can be borne by Palmeiras, even though he is in another team.

Lucas, passed over and far from any spotlight, wants to play again. Aware that the mission of finding space with Abel is unlikely, the midfielder welcomes the chance to act more often, but wants the security and stability of a club like Palmeiras, which grants it to him. The return to Santos would be accepted, but it didn’t progress. Now, the agreement with Fortaleza is heading towards a positive outcome.

Lucas Lima arrived at Palmeiras in 2018. At the club, he was Brazilian, Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Paulistão champions.