Shipwreck on a boat that took immigrants to Spain kills 3 women – 25/08/2021

The sinking of a vessel carrying immigrants trying to reach the Canary Islands, Spain, caused the death of three women on Wednesday and left at least seven other people missing.

The group boarded a speedboat off the coast of Africa, which began to sink near the island of Lanzarote, shortly after being intercepted by a rescue ship, according to the emergency services that operated there.

The first boat of the marine rescue team that acted in the rescue managed to remove 28 people who were in the water, being two women and two minors.

Of all the people taken from the sea, four were transferred to a hospital with moderate hypothermia, including a 14-year-old teenager. The other occupants of the vessel were taken to the city of Lanzarote.

The survivors reported that they had left the town of Safi, Morocco, last Thursday, and that there were up to 11 missing from the initial group that embarked. From there, a rescue operation was initiated that managed to locate the bodies of three women.

The sea rescue team had to participate this Wednesday in another rescue in the waters of the Canary Islands, to help 46 immigrants, including a baby. They were on a vessel 80 kilometers off the coast when they were intercepted.

This year, according to the balance of the United Nations Organization for Migration (IOM) released last Friday, 426 people died trying to arrive in a precarious way in the Canary Islands.