singer’s house is invaded and destroyed in Rio

A house in Barra da Tijuca, which belonged to singer Agnaldo Timóteo, who died at the age of 84 as a result of covid-19 in May, was invaded and depredated in the early hours of Monday (23).

The information has been confirmed to the UOL by the singer’s lawyer, Sidnei Lobo Pedroso. He is also legal guardian of Keyty Evelyn, daughter who had the artist’s adoption recognized by the Court recently.

“Two people jumped over the wall at 2:00 am. They set fire to a backpack and a ‘for sale/for rent’ banner present at the site,” Sidnei explained while sharing videos showing the depredations.

Backpack was burned on site - Sidnei Lobo Pedroso - Sidnei Lobo Pedroso

Backpack was burned on the spot

Image: Sidnei Lobo Pedroso

The lawyer also pointed out that one of the house’s windows was also damaged in early August. He guaranteed that a police report will be opened for the attacks to be investigated.

Sidnei says he received an alert from a person who was in the house. “This person contacted the police and asked for help at a window,” he reported.

The lawyer showed broken glass at Agnaldo Timóteo's house - Sidnei Lobo Pedroso - Sidnei Lobo Pedroso

The lawyer showed broken glass at Agnaldo Timóteo’s house

Image: Sidnei Lobo Pedroso

Agnaldo’s house is under constant attack. We are under some kind of provocation. I have an obligation to protect the assets of Keyty Evelin and other court-mandated heirs. I’m taking care of everything for the police to investigate.
Sydney Lobo Pedroso

Recently, Keyty Evelyn, adopted daughter of Agnaldo Timóteo, told “Sunday Spectacular” that her birth mother tried to harm her during the posthumous adoption process. The 14-year-old teenager already has the artist’s name on her documents.