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The smart switch lets you control the lamps from anywhere thanks to the Wi-Fi connection that communicates with mobile apps. Some models bring even more convenience by connecting to virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. Technology is an alternative for those who are thinking of automating their home and want to build a smart home. Among the functions provided by the product are programming a time to turn on the lights and a timer to turn off the lighting.

Companies like Multilaser and Intelbras offer products at prices starting at R$124 and R$162, respectively. The following models vary the design between touch-sensitive panels and with manual buttons seen on conventional switches. Check out seven smart switches to buy in Brazil in 2021 below.

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Intelingete switch: companies like Multilaser and Intelbras offer models for prices starting from R$ 120 — Photo: Divulgação/Belkin

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Novadigital’s switch brings only a touch button on the panel to control the lamps. The model uses an LED system to illuminate the key, which is centered on the white frame. The technical sheet indicates the product’s compatibility with the Brazilian 4×2 standard, while the connection asks for Wi-Fi with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. It is possible to buy it for prices starting at R$ 120.

The app used for control is Smart Life, compatible with Android and iPhone (iOS). In addition to the app, the switch responds to commands sent to virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. In both modes, you can program the lights to turn on at a certain time or check if they are working, even from a distance. Even though the installation does not require many adaptations, as stated by the manufacturer, it is recommended that a technician perform the procedures, since connectivity requires more specific knowledge.

Novadigital switch brings control of the switch lights by Smart Life application — Photo: Divulgação/Novadigital

2. Multilaser switch Liv SE235 – from R$ 124

The Multilaser switch features a slightly different design, as the button replaces the touch pattern with a manual. However, it still uses LED indication to signal the device’s operation. The internal structure also follows the 4×2 pattern and requires specialized labor for installation. The product is seen for around R$ 124.

The remote control can be done by Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as it is also possible to use the brand’s app, Multilaser Liv, to make any programming or activate the lights while away from home.

Multilaser switch uses conventional design with manual button — Photo: Disclosure/Multilaser

This switch from AGL has options with one, two and even three keys in its design, which are also finished in white or black. The structure includes LED lighting around the touch sensitive buttons. Wi-Fi allows you to control the lights connected to the switch with the help of Alexa. Another possibility is to turn on the lamps, or even check if they are off or on through the manufacturer’s own app, AGL Home. The three-key version can be purchased for prices starting at R$158.

The product is bivolt, has overload protection and supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The model is not compatible with a simple switch and requires prior electrical knowledge for installation.

AGL has options with up to three buttons on the switch — Photo: Disclosure/AGL

Like the switch from Multilaser, the EWS 101, from Intelbras, also rescues the conventional design and chooses to bring a manual button. The manufacturer highlights the absence of a central hub, leaving the connection directly between the router and the smart device. You can access the lights function via virtual assistant, but also via the Izy Smart app, which adds other branded smart items. The platform, accessible for Android and iOS, allows the registration of up to ten users so that they can control the lamps directly from their smartphone or tablet. To buy it, you need to invest around R$162.

The EWS 101 follows the 4×2 standard of traditional switches and in the installation instructions the company states that the procedure should be simple. Intelbras also says that to make the product work, just connect the wires and fix the device on the wall.

Intelbras smart switch allows control via the Izy app — Photo: Publicity/Intelbras

Geonav has a switch with a white finish and options ranging from one, two and three buttons. The key has touch technology and is illuminated by LED. The recommendations point to the use of the product to control fluorescent lights, LED and smart lamps. Still in terms of structure, the HIINT1C model follows the 4×2 pattern. As for remote control, it must be done via virtual assistants, including Alexa and Siri, but also by the Hi by Geonav app, from the manufacturer itself. Prices are close to R$169.

Both smart speakers and cell phones allow you to turn on the lamps even when you are not in the room. Another possibility is to schedule a time for the lighting to be automatically turned on.

Geonav switch has LED light to illuminate the touch button — Photo: Playback/Amazon

Sonew features a Wi-Fi switch with three keys and black finish. The buttons are illuminated by an LED system that makes them stand out from the rest of the structure. The product’s specifications do not require a central hub to exercise control, which works exclusively through the connection to the 2.4 GHz router. It also offers control via virtual assistants, which allow you to control the switch by voice command. The platform used is Smart Life, which runs on Android and iOS. The investment is approximately R$169.

The composition of the switch mentions the use of an eco-friendly ABS as well as a fireproof ABS V0 material in the inner case. The touch-sensitive panel features 3mm thick tempered glass.

Sonew’s switch brings functions to program the automatic lighting of the lamps — Photo: Divulgação/Sonew

Steck’s Smarteck option is the most expensive on the list. The investment required to purchase the model is R$ 239. The product has options in black and white, this time with a tempered glass finish. In addition to the LED-lit touch button, the Wi-Fi connection lets you control the lights through wizards like Alexa and the manufacturer’s app.

The platform offers functions such as programming a time to turn on the lights, as well as setting a timer to turn them off. The app is available for download from both the App Store and Play Store. In addition to offering the services of accredited professionals, Steck also provides videos to guide the installation of the switch. Connecting to the lamps tends to be simple, as it is done through the app itself.

Smarteck switch features tempered glass finish — Photo: Disclosure/Steck

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