Suck Flamidia! Understand why this comment

Suck Flamidia!  Understand why this comment is out and about.
Understand then why this comment is out and about

you must be seeing ‘sucks flamidia‘ in several Instagram comments this Wednesday (25). The social network is suffering a bug and the posts’ comments don’t appear, except ‘sucks flamidia’. Posts are with several hidden comments and only the phrase in question is displayed. For example, a post on our Instagram (@sitefamosando) with 25 comments, only displays 1, which is the viralized phrase.

The DownDetector site, which gathers complaints, registered a peak of problems in Instagram comments.

On Twitter, the word ‘flamidia’ is among the most talked about subjects. Internet users then try to understand the meaning of the phrase that was in evidence. Some people thought it was something related to the Flamengo football team.

“Because I didn’t understand the ‘chupa flamidia’ that the general is talking about in Flamengo’s publication? lost in meand” wrote an internet user. “Was it an orchestrated movement? Who are? Where they live? What do the invaders of the gang known as Chupa Flamidia eat?” joked someone else.

another bug

In March of this year, the Instagram and Whatsapp presented instability. Therefore, Facebook, which owns the two apps, remained in the air. Thus, netizens commented on the fall and shared the hashtag #whatsappdown. The subject quickly became one of the most talked about on the platform.

In fact, earlier this month, many people said they saw a window that claims the app “limited how often you can perform certain actions.”

Suck Flamidia!  Understand why this comment is out and about.