TCU minister criticizes short term to analyze 5G auction: “Regimental maneuver”


Minister Aroldo Cedraz, of the TCU, criticized on this wednesday (25) the short deadline given for your request for a view in the analysis of the 5G notice.

Last week, the TCU formed a majority to approve the 5G auction, but Cedraz asked for a view. The other ministers anticipated their votes, in favor of the rapporteur’s opinion, Raimundo Carreiro.

According to the internal regulations of the TCU, a request for a view postpones the judgment for at least 20 days, “in the case of a view in the regimental form”.

THE the antagonist, Cedraz wrote in a note: “We can say that what happened in the last week it would be applicable in other houses, in which regimental maneuvers are part of the disputes between the situation and the opposition, but not in the Federal Court of Accounts”.

And added: “For this reason, I recorded in today’s session the most vehement protests before the procedure adopted by the collegiate, which determined the return of the process to trial within a minimum period of one week, even after our President has announced the granting of views for 30 days and have promoted the closure of that session”.

Today, Cedraz presented a dissenting vote from the rapporteur Raimundo Carreiro, being won by 7 x 1. The judgment was closed and the text returned to Anatel.

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