Thaeme displays the belly of eight months pregnant: “20 kilos more”

Singer Thaeme Mariôtio is waiting for her second daughter, a girl who will be named Ivy

The singer Thame Mariôto is looking forward to the arrival of his second daughter. She and her husband, businessman Fábio Elias, are expecting another girl who will be named Ivy! They are already the parents of cute two-year-old Liz.

Now, Thame delighted to show her pregnant belly. She is 35 weeks pregnant, which is equivalent to the eighth month. When showing her beautiful pregnant belly, the singer said: “35 weeks of your sweet wait… Who is there also in the anxiety of the final stretch?”.

Many famous people were just praise for the singer. “Most beautiful thing”, said the singer Maria Cecília of the duo with Rodolfo. And the twins of synchronized swimming Bia and Branca Feres commented: “Beautiful!”. And the digital influencer Thaise de Mari said: “What a mamuse!”.

Netizens also praised the singer. “Wow how it grew! You look beautiful!”, commented a netizen. And another netizen said: “I blinked and your belly grew! How beautiful!”.

And an internet user also commented: “Have a good birth, may your baby be very healthy!” Another internet user also stated: “What a prettier belly!”.

Thame she also said that she has already gained 20 kilos during this pregnancy. “Look how hard it is not to get fat around here! Teresa (singer’s mother-in-law) responsible for some of my extra 20 kilos! 35 weeks! Hey guys? 35 weeks today, think! It’s flying! Big belly only grows around here, it looks like I’m going to explode, but it’s okay, everything under control with her. Today I had an appointment and 20 kilos people, I rounded up…20….I was looking at my exams, high cholesterol, high triglycerides also because of this weight gain, I ate healthy things, but I also ate a lot of ‘junk’. After I win, I’ll stick to it to recover, especially my health. For those who are asking me the size of the Ivy, it’s all approximately, the size 44 cm and the weight approximately 2.5 kg. I’ll tell you, it’s growing, see! I was waiting for the cream to arrive, which I apply, thank God there wasn’t anything streaked here”.

Thaeme pregnant with her second daughter Ivy

Thaeme 35 weeks pregnant with her daughter Ivy

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