The Masked Singer sets record; Secret Truths gives more than Record and SBT together

The Masked Singer
Ivete Sangalo in charge of The Masked Singer; and Rodrigo Lombardi as Alex in Secrets of Truth; attractions boom at Globo (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

THE Globe guaranteed an excellent audience last night tuesday (24) with another unprecedented program from The Masked Singer and with the long-awaited debut of secret truths after six years of its original showing.

After the special edition of Império, The Masked Singer went on air and set its record: 22.0 average points, 29.8 peak points and 36% share (number of televisions connected), against 8.5 points from Record, 5.9 from SBT, 2.5 from Band and 0.5 from RedeTV!. Directed by Ivete Sangalo, the reality show ran between 22:20 and 23:38. In Rio, the average was 25.0 points.

The first chapter of Verdades Secretas gave more than Record and SBT together. From 23:38 to 00:28, the soap opera starring Camila Queiroz and Rodrigo Lombardi accumulated an average of 13.4 points, 17.7 peak points and 30% of participation, against 5.3 points for SBT, 4.7 for Record, 3, 1 from Band and 0.3 from RedeTV!.

The telenovela made the time slot grow 1 point compared to the last four weeks. In Rio de Janeiro, the average was 16.0 points, the same growth in comparison with São Paulo.

Before, the Canal dos Marinho faced another dilemma with Tititi, Malhação – Sonhos and Nos Tempos do Imperador. Once again, the two reruns shook the performance of the new soap opera.

On air from 5:04 pm to 6:03 pm, the telenovela Vale a Pena Ver De Novo secured 14.8 points average, 16.3 peak points and 30% share, compared to 7.0 points for Record, 4.6 for Band, 4.5 from SBT and 0.2 from RedeTV!.

Soon after, from 6:03 pm to 6:29 pm, Malhação – Sonhos dropped the average to 14.4 points, 15.7 peak points and 26% share, against 7.3 points for Record, 6.7 for SBT, 5.1 for Band and 1.0 from RedeTV!.

In the Times of the Emperor, it rose to 17.1 average points, 19.6 peak points and 29% share, compared to 7.8 points for Record, 7.6 for SBT, 4.8 for Band and 1.3 for RedeTV !. Shown between 6:29 pm and 7:13 pm, the chapter had one of the lowest ratings since its debut.

Throughout the day, Globo aired Bom Dia SP (8.5), Bom Dia Brasil (8.3), Mais Você (6.7), Meeting (6.9), Paralympic Games (7.2 ), SP1 (10.8), Globo Esporte SP (11,0), Jornal Hoje (11,0), Futebol de Areia (9.5), Afternoon Session with the film As Loucuras de Dick and Jane (11, 0), SP2 (20.9), Pega Pega (22.3), Jornal Nacional (25.9), Império (29.3), Professão Repórter (9.7), Jornal da Globo (7.0), Paralympic Bulletin (5.6), Conversa com Bial (4.6), Owl with the film Caminhos Perdidos (4.1) and Hora 1 (5.0).

The data are consolidated by Ibope in Greater São Paulo.

Paulo Carvalho

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