This is Us: where to watch the series

Preparing for the release of its sixth – and last -season, This Is Us will gain a new home in Brazil with the launch of streaming Star+, new streaming platform from Disney aimed at the adult audience. Originally aired by Fox – renamed Star Channel – This is Us collects Emmy, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and more nominations.

Where to watch This Is Us?

With the release of Star+ on August 31st, all five seasons of This Is Us will be available on the platform. Its sixth season, which has not yet announced its premiere date, will arrive exclusively on Star+.

The service will have two packages available: the monthly, in the amount of BRL 32.90, and the annual, in the amount of BRL 329.90. Disney also offers a combo option, which combines Disney+ subscriptions (the cost of which alone is R$27.90) and Star+, for R$45.90.

The Star+ catalog will feature films and series from the studios and channels of Walt Disney Company that have not entered the Disney+ collection, such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, modern family, Outlander, Family Guy and Future.

This Is Us tells the story of three people born on the same day, in a plot that navigates between the 1980s and the present day, showing the childhood of each one of them in contrast to their adult life, marked by a family tragedy.