Twitch takes a stand on the streamers strike in Brazil

Twitch took a stand after the big repercussion of Twitch’s Blackout movement, which called streamers to a 24-hour strike with no lives on the platform, last Monday (23).

To START, the company sent the following statement:

We support the rights of our streamers to express themselves and draw attention to important issues in our service. We are listening to this feedback and will continue to work to make Twitch the best service for content creators to create and promote their communities

Apagão mainly demands improvements in the transfer of registration fees made by spectators.

Recently, Twitch reduced the value of subscriptions for subs in platform channels, from R$22.99 to R$7.99. However, this also affected streamers’ income, which dropped dramatically.

According to data from the organization of Apagão da Twitch, which is made up of streamers, they previously received around R$ 7.59 from a subscription. With the change, this value dropped to around R$ 2.50.

In the Game Trends podcast we explain better, and in more detail, the entire context that led to this situation, the creation of the Streamers’ Blackout in a conversation with a representative of the movement, and the emergence of the Union of Streamers.

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