Two malls in Rio targeted by bandits on Wednesday night | Rio de Janeiro

Bandits attacked two malls in Rio on Wednesday night (25). At the Fashion Mall, in São Conrado, Zona Sul, armed men robbed a store.

A little later, thieves tried to rob an establishment in the Barra Shopping, in the West Zone.

Theft at the Fashion Mall happened at the end of the day. — Photo: Playback/TV Globo

At the end of the day, thieves entered a department store in the Fashion Mall. Employees were already preparing to leave when they were surrendered and locked in stock, while criminals stole computers and cell phones.

“They arrived armed and took everything: phone, notebook, only electronics, valuables,” said an employee.

Criminals managed to escape.

Criminals fled Barra Shopping without taking anything. — Photo: Playback/TV Globo

At Barra Shopping, the bandits arrived while the shopping center was still in operation. They tried to rob an electronics store, and there was a rush.

Criminals fled without taking anything.

Both cases are being investigated by the Civil Police. Barra Shopping and Fashion Mall advisors said they are available to the authorities to collaborate with the investigations.

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