UFL: New Free Football Game Announced at Gamescom | sports

Gamescom 2021 this Wednesday received the announcement of a new football game. As a surprise, Strikerz Inc. released the UFL firsthand. The free simulator promises to join the fight between FIFA and PES (today eFootball) for the football-loving public.

A revolutionary new online global football league

— says the developer

UFL: image released by the developer at Gamescom 2021 — Photo: Disclosure

According to the developer, the UFL will allow players to create their own football clubs. The game claims to have over 5,000 licensed professional players. Just like Konami’s eFootball, this new simulator will hit the market with graphics on the Unreal Engine.

As do EA and Konami, Strikerz Inc. announced a partnership with FIFPro, which represents more than 65,000 professional players. According to official images released, West Ham, from England, is the first club confirmed in the game. In the announcement note, the developer even gave rivals a nudge.

– The game is designed to be a fair game experience that emphasizes skill over “pay-to-win” – says Strikerz of the UFL.

In development since 2016, the UFL still doesn’t have a release date but is promised for “all major consoles”.

See more images of the novelty:

Player ties his boot in the UFL — Photo: Publicity

West Ham Stadium at the UFL — Photo: Publicity

More images of West Ham at UFL — Photo: Publicity