UFL: New free football game promises to compete with eFootball and FIFA | sport games

UFL is a new free football game for consoles that promises to compete with FIFA and eFootball (PES replacement). Produced by Strikerz Inc, the game is developed with Unreal Engine – technology that should deliver realistic graphics. In addition to being free and having an online footprint, the gameplay invests in the creation of clubs by players, with access to more than five thousand real athletes to form teams and compete in championships.

The title was revealed at Gamescon 2021 this Wednesday (25). The UFL has been in development for five years and still has no confirmed release date. The platforms available are also a mystery: the developer has yet to confirm support for the PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S or Nintendo Switch. It’s worth mentioning that he follows the recent announcement of Goals, another potential rival in the football gaming world.

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UFL proposal is to be a realistic football game, completely online and without “pay to win” — Photo: Divulgação/Strikerz

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Free and without “pay to win”

The studio has revealed little information about the game so far. However, among the news, the developers claim that UFL invests in a fair game system, applying “fair to play”. Although it’s free, the title doesn’t have “pay to win” – a mechanism that gives an advantage to players who spend real money on extra packages. If the approach is confirmed, it is possible that UFL will invest in monetization methods only with cosmetic items as a way to keep the competitive environment balanced.

The game’s announcement came via a brief trailer that looks conceptual, with no gameplay elements. This makes judging the graphics and scope of the simulation difficult, but the trade-off lies in using the Unreal Engine graphics engine. Epic’s powerful technology is a reference in advanced games and offers a great level of resources for developers to create simulations with neat physics and sophisticated graphics.

There is no confirmed date for the project, as well as which platforms it will arrive on were not disclosed. The only news is that Strikerz intends to communicate the UFL release date soon.

With information from GameRadar and IGN