US government rush to pull Americans and allies out of Afghanistan meets new challenge | National Newspaper

In Afghanistan, the US military will have a new challenge when it comes to rescuing local citizens and allies.

Flights are more and more frequent. A plane takes off from Kabul airport every 39 minutes. According to the United States, 82,300 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the Taliban besieged the capital.

But thousands of Afghans cannot break through the barrier. They huddle in a ditch, near the airport wall, in poor condition.

This Wednesday (25), the United States said that 4,500 American citizens were evacuated from Afghanistan, but that 1,000 citizens have yet to be located. It is increasingly clear that it will be difficult to evacuate all civilians, not just Americans, by the August 31 deadline.

Government sources say that, in order to end the operation on time, the United States will need to start withdrawing, this week, also the approximately 6,000 soldiers who are in Afghanistan. And, as the security contingent is reduced, the ability to evacuate civilians diminishes.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will continue to work to help evacuate Americans and Afghan allies even after Aug. 31.

The Taliban has asked Turkey for technical help in managing the airport after foreign forces leave.

This Wednesday (25), Afghan General Sami Sadat published an outburst in The New York Times. He says his country’s army has not given up on the fight against the Taliban, as US President Joe Biden has stated, but has been abandoned.

Sadat cites, among the reasons for the defeat, the peace agreement between former president Donald Trump and the extremist group, the continuity of this plan in the Biden government and corruption. He concluded: “We were betrayed by politics and presidents.”