Valentina, from Ratinho, is successful with nudity on OnlyFans. See photos!

The Mouse Show’s stage assistant Valentina Francavilla is another famous person to make money with erotic photos and videos on OnLyFans.

In an interview with NaTelinha, the famous woman who is quoted for the next season of A Fazenda, on RecordTV, spoke about her experience on the platform. “I got out on Playboy already and my photos are naked on Google. So I said: why not make an OnlyFans to make money with it? I love it, I’m super in favor and it gives me a very good return, I’m zero shame”, says Valentina.

The SBT employee also vented about the offenses and attacks she receives on social networks. “Some people say, ‘Wow, your son will be ashamed’. My son will say ‘my mother is hot, my mother is hot’. My father says: ‘and then how is the bitching?’. Because when we know we’re not a whore, it doesn’t offend. People confuse a lot. There are people who ask: ‘How much is the program?’ The program is the car*”, he concludes.

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