Vanessa Mesquita wants to earn R$1.5 million

She has never had any problems dealing with nudity, has been on the cover of “Playboy”, and recently joined the team of Brazilian celebrities who created a profile on the adult platform OnlyFans. Vanessa Mesquita, “BBB 14” champion, has divided her hours in the veterinarian with the production of sensual content, and told the UOL which, charging R$53.80 a month – equivalent to US$10 – intends to earn again R$1.5 million, the same achieved by winning the Globo reality show.

It is totally possible to make the BBB award amount with OnlyFans only. My profile has grown about 50% in the last few weeks. You can earn money.

For the mission, Vanessa is fully supported by her mother, Solange Mesquita, who, according to her, always says that “the beautiful is to show off”.

In addition to professional essays, the ex-BBB also bets on homemade photos:

My content is more sensual, nothing porn. I also take pictures coming out of the bath and they are the ones that sell the most, they like homemade content a lot. Also, I’ve already taken photos with Clara [Aguilar, também ex-BBB] and with a friend Monique, who is successful on OnlyFans.”

The ex-BBB says she doesn’t feel harmed by OnlyFans’ attempt to ban pornography on the network, but criticizes: “I think it’s stupid, right? People sign. They’ll lose out.”

Vanessa Mesquita is not afraid that nudes are leaking - Paula Baker / Press Release - Paula Baker / Press Release

Vanessa Mesquita is not afraid that nudes leak

Image: Paula Baker / Disclosure

“Greek Kiss” by Wagner Santiago

Vanessa followed the case of ex-BBB Wagner Santiago, who recently had “leaked” images of his OnlyFans and ended up going viral due to a “Greek kiss”. The veterinarian says she is not afraid that the same will happen and points out as “absurd” the criticism received by the famous “because of a taboo”.

My content is different from his, but I thought it was really cool that Wagner was talking about Greek kissing. It was absurd that people were pissed off about it and treated it as a taboo. Wagner exposed himself and positioned himself in a very nice way about the freedom of the subject.

Vanessa Mesquita wants to join A Fazenda - Press Release - Press Release

Vanessa Mesquita wants to join A Fazenda

Image: Disclosure

Mystery about ‘The 13th Farm’

Pointed out in the betting list for the cast of “A Fazenda 13”, on Record, Vanessa doesn’t talk when asked if she will be on the reality show. However, she guarantees that, if invited, she would participate:

I love The Farm and I always follow it, I think it’s amazing! The relationship they have with animals is phenomenal.

She also sees herself in the “box” of the BBB:

I spent about three or four years of my life saying that I would never go back to BBB. Now I’m mature, I care less about other people’s opinions. I would have a great time.

While a new project on TV is not confirmed, Vanessa invests in Youtube: “I launched my channel four months ago. It shows a transition from Vanessa student to veterinarian. Other than that, I remain firm and strong with my NGO and I really need help there. People think I’m rich because I got the BBB and they don’t end up donating.”