Victim identified on the day the tragedy turns 31 months

The body found yesterday in Brumadinho (MG) was identified as one of the victims still missing after the collapse of the dam at Mina Córrego do Feijão, on January 25, 2019.

The news was confirmed early this afternoon, the day the tragedy completes 31 months. Now, there are 261 bodies recovered. 9 people have yet to be located. In a statement, the Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais (CBMMG) did not publish the identity of the victim found, but disclosed that it was a woman.

The CBMMG also highlighted that the rescue work has no end date. In January of this year, the corporation even estimated that the searches could take another four years, given the difficulties of the terrain and the “peculiar characteristics of the operation”.

Valley sentenced to indemnify worker

Also today, Vale, which controlled the dam, was ordered to indemnify a former employee in R$300,000 for moral damages, after the court recognized that the dam’s failure caused psychological shock to the worker.

In the labor lawsuit, the professional claimed that he suffered psychological shock as a result of the dam failure, as he was present at the time of the accident. A witness said he was with the plaintiff in the mine area on the day of the tragedy.

According to the witness, they were desperate with the noise, jumped a fence and ran to a higher place, meeting other colleagues on the road.

For the judge, contrary to what is stated by the company, the former employee was influenced by the harmful event. “Whether the repercussions arising from being at the scene of the accident on the day and at the time it occurred, or those arising from the later experience, the trauma caused by the loss of service colleagues, changes in the routine of activities, among other factors”, he pointed out.