Victim of robbery finds own bicycle on sales website, makes a date and police arrest criminal | Santos and Region

A woman who had her bicycle stolen located it on a sales website, posed as a customer and got a Civil Police team to arrest the 49-year-old suspect. The case took place in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, and the man will respond by receiving it.

According to police, a team from the 2nd Police District of Santos arrested the suspect last Tuesday afternoon (24). The agents were carrying out investigations after being approached by a victim who had his bicycle stolen on the 21st. She claimed that she believed the object was being sold on the web.

Images released by the police show conversations the victim had with the suspect through a chat on the sales website, negotiating the bicycle. In the prints, you can see that she sets a date to get it. During the conversation, the suspect sent a phone number, arranged to go to the Santos Center and inform the state of the bicycle.

Victim talked to suspect through shopping site chat — Photo: Reproduction/Civil Police

The civil police then caught the suspect at the marked location, at the time he was selling the stolen object for R$ 430. He was arrested in the act, and in a personal search, they located the cell phone used to commit the crime and R$ 1,160 in exchanged money.

The man did not prove the origin of the values ​​he had. The bicycle was also seized and recognized by the victim, who presented the invoice and managed to retrieve it.

The police informs that the suspect was taken to the police station to prepare the arrest report in flagrante delicto. It clarifies that the suspect’s conversations were located and seized, confirming the sale of objects of illicit origin on the website.

Victim managed to recover bicycle that was stolen in Santos, SP — Photo: Reproduction/Civil Police

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