Viviane Araújo’s former teacher at Dança dos Famosos talks about the artist’s elimination

Adeilton Ribeiro said that the public took into account the injustice that Viviane Araújo committed to him

Adeilton Ribeiro (35), former teacher of Viviane Araújo (46) in the Super Dance of the Famous, spoke about the elimination of the artist last Sunday, 22. It is worth pointing out that the professional was replaced by the muse after rumors that she had been dissatisfied with her work.

In Adeilton’s opinion, this was one of the reasons for the elimination: “What Viviane did was not forgotten. She was unfair and the public took this into account. I took the victim’s place, even without victimizing me. You don’t change a professional in the area in the middle of a competition. I’m a dancer and a teacher, it couldn’t have been exchanged like that. People had a lot of empathy for my story and hugged me“, he stated to UOL.

In addition to this reason, the professional pointed out some errors in the artist’s presentation: “A presentation with many flaws. Rodrigo is a great professional, but he can’t do everything alone. Viviane’s technical flaws existed, which is normal, but that was visible. Anyway, the result was great for them.”

About heartache with the actress, Adeilton said that it only existed at the time, now he is ready to talk to Viviane: “I was hurt when I was nervous, angry, but today I would talk. Viviane lacked taking responsibility for herself. She could say: ‘I didn’t do well and I’m going to settle down with my partner.’ as a team, and the truth is the best solution. Unfortunately, I can’t change the other’s mind and I only speak for myself”, he said.

With an eye on the final of the competition, the teacher and dancer revealed that he is rooting for Dandar Mariana (33). “I really root for Dandara. She is a black woman, who in the last edition lost due to a technical injustice. She is spectacular and very capable to be in this final”, ended.

Viviane Araújo opens the game and reveals the reason to change teachers at ‘Super Dança’

Recently, Viviane used social media to clarify the reasons for changing teachers at Super Dance of the Famous: “It didn’t come from me, it came from the direction”, guaranteed the artist on Instagram.

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