Viviane Araújo’s teacher talks about controversy in ‘Dança dos Famosos’

Viviane Araújo was eliminated in the semifinal (Photo: Reprodução/Globo)

Viviane Araújo was eliminated in the semifinal (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Viviane Araújo did not make it to the final of the “Super Dance of the Famous” that will take place on Sunday (29). Rodrigo Oliveira, the artist’s teacher, attributed the elimination to “the rancidity of the public”. The professional replaced the actress’ first teacher, Adeilton Ribeiro, after a controversy behind the scenes of the program.

“Many people don’t know what happened and left taking sides, judging. It’s part of it. The day-to-day work went smoothly, because I knew that [as críticas pela troca de professor] would pass quickly. And that’s what happened”, evaluates the dancer to UOL.

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On social networks, Adeilton Ribeiro told his version after being replaced by Rodrigo. According to him, the direction asked to change some steps of the choreography. Viviane would not have liked it and from that she “pulled strings” to change the teacher. Adeilton said that he even talked to her, that he denied having done this, but soon after received the notice of his removal from the board.

Viviane also spoke. The actress guaranteed to feel great affection for Adeilton and said that the change of teacher came from the direction of the reality. Rodrigo Oliveira, who replaced Adeilton after the controversy, said that he had talked to the dancer before taking office, but the public was not forgiving in the assessment.

“I told her, ‘look Vivi, I’ll be on the board, the production called me and I hope we can develop a really cool job.’ happening, but I’d like to let you know that I’ll be joining the board to dance with Vivi, and that I have a lot of respect for her work,” he said.