Vojvoda praises Fortaleza squad after draw with São Paulo: “I trust the players a lot” | strength

Fortaleza’s draw against São Paulo was heroically sought at Morumbi this Wednesday, for the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. After being behind 2-0, the Lion knew how to work with patience, with the ball on the ground, and thus reach a tie at the end of the lights. Juan Pablo Vojvoda praised the team’s psychology.

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– Psychology, mentality, in football is very important. We have players with strong personality, strong technically, adapt to tactics. But in difficult times, the race of players has to appear. And today it appeared. Race, personality, to play these types of games.

The duel against São Paulo was quite balanced, but it was only the first of the two that the knockout reserve for Tricolor do Pici. The return departure will only be on the 15th of September. Before that, the Lion needs to turn his attention to Series A.

Vojvoda, Fortaleza, Fluminense — Photo: Fabiane de Paula / SVM

– This game lasts 180 minutes. They were the first 90 only. This tie is not closed. We have to think about recovery and think about Cuiabá.

If the fan has learned to trust Vojvoda, the coach exalts the relationship with his followers. If the first half didn’t have so many goal options, the second against São Paulo reserved space and emotion to see the net swing four times.

– We went to get the tie. I trust players a lot because I know them. I live together. I’m with my athletes every day. I believe they are professionals with a constant fighting spirit – he said.

– The spirit of our team is always to seek the match. And when attacking is sought, there are sometimes mistakes. But I stay with the usual mentality, with intelligence, going after the attack. The mentality has to be of a team that always wants more – he added.

Fortaleza enters the field again against Cuiabá, in the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. The ball rolls on Monday, at Arena Castelão, at 22:30.