“was without the right to speak and be heard”

Ratinho defends Sérgio Reis on TV: “he lost the right to speak and be heard”

Playback/TV Globo

Ratinho made a sort of editorial in defense of singer Sérgio Reis last Monday. The manifesto was presented on his program on SBT and did not thrill the audience –– the presenter lost from 6 to 9 to Record in São Paulo.

“Sergio Reis had a video leaked on the internet with an unfortunate phrase, and he has already said he regrets the words he used. Many people are riding a wave, cursing this singer who, at age 81, was left without the right to speak and be heard”, he said.

“I don’t go into detail about whether what he said is right or wrong. What I do know is that Sergio is currently suffering unparalleled persecution. How many artists aligned with the other side of power say much worse things and get applauded?”, completed.

In the interview he gave to Roberto Cabrini, journalist at Record, Sérgio Reis complained about the lack of support from the artistic class. Until the weekend, only the singer Roger, from Ultraje a Rigor, had shown solidarity.

The movement to reconstruct Sérgio’s image, however, has not worked. Marco Bavini, producer and son of the countryman, announced this Wednesday that the album his father would release this year has been cancelled.

“My world is musical and the work came out of that environment. So I stopped the project. I had no choice. It no longer exists,” he said.

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