“What’s the problem with energy getting a little more expensive?”

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said this Wednesday (8/25), that “whoever is saying that Brazil will stop growing next year has not understood anything”. He also questioned the Brazilians’ complaint about the price of the electricity bill. “What’s the problem now that energy will be a little more expensive because it rained less?”.

According to Guedes, last year, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country got organized and went through the crisis. Now, for him, there is nothing to be afraid of. The statements were made at the launch of the Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front.

At the time, the minister also criticized the press: “Every day you look at the newspaper and say that Brazil is going to catch fire, that now everything is going to explode.” But, according to him, energy and fuel consumption are “pumping” and the economy is “coming with force”.

“Are there clouds on the horizon? There is. We have a strong water crisis ahead, but the Brazilian economy is breaking the waves”, he said. Guedes also said that the country will continue to grow, because Congress “is operating”.

In relation to the parliamentary front, he said that this is a “decisive piece that was missing from the political gear”. “We are formalizing an axis of political action that will guarantee us support in decisive hours”.