WhatsApp: how to listen to audio before sending a voice message from the PC | Social networks

WhatsApp Beta now lets you hear a voice message before sending it to a contact or group. The function brings a new audio experience that lets you decide in advance to send or delete a recording made by the PC or by the experiment app for Android and iPhone (iOS).

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This feature is part of the new public beta program for WhatsApp Desktop, released last week, which allows testers to use the future features of the stable version of the messenger on their PC. Here’s how to listen to an audio before sending it to WhatsApp. It is worth mentioning that the process was done in the application for Windows 10.

Learn how to listen to WhatsApp audio on your PC before sending it to anyone — Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf/TechTudo

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How to listen to recorded audio before sending it

Step 1. Access the WhatsApp Desktop beta application on your computer and engage in a private or group conversation;

Access the new beta version of WhatsApp Desktop on your computer — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriela Andrade

Step 2. In the lower right corner of the chat window, tap on the microphone icon to record an audio message with your computer’s microphone;

Click to use the new audio recording section in WhatsApp Desktop — Photo: Playback/Gabriela Andrade

Step 3. While recording, notice that the audio recording section has a new look and feel, with little audio ripples. After recording, tap the green button that has a square inserted in a circle to stop it;

You can listen to an audio message before sending it on the WhatsApp Web beta — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriela Andrade

Step 4. To listen to the recorded message before sending it, tap the “Play” button, which appears in gray color next to the audio “waves”. In this way, the content will play immediately. It can be heard as many times as the user wants;

New button to listen to recorded audio before sending it to WhatsApp Web — Photo: Playback/Gabriela Andrade

Step 5. If everything is ok, just tap the “Send” button on the right side of the audio waves;

After listening to the audio, you can send it normally on WhatsApp Web — Photo: Reproduction/Gabriela Andrade

Step 6. If you don’t like the recorded message, just select the button with the “Recycle Bin” icon to delete the audio and record a new one.

If you don’t like the recording, you can delete the audio message after listening to it — Photo: Playback/Gabriela Andrade