Whindersson Nunes ignores Chay Suede and gets scolded by the actor

Whindersson Nunes is not as up-to-date as he demonstrates on the internet. The content creator and comedian, ignored a global actor and went through a tight skirt on Instagram this Wednesday (25). Chay Suede, companion of actress Laura Neiva, made a special invitation to the ex-husband of singer Luísa Sonza and ended up being avoided.

Actor and singer Chay Suede, who recently shone as Danilo in Amor de Mãe, invited Whindersson Nunes for a workout. The curious detail is that the invitation was made by global about 2 years ago: “Brother, are you living in São Paulo? Let’s practice. I know you’re strong in boxing. Let’s go! Hug”.

What was supposed to be a quick date to train boxing resulted in an indefinite vacuum on Instagram. Whindersson Nunes replied this afternoon Chay Suede via private message: “I’m yes man, it was bad man. I was sleeping, I woke up now”. The comedian’s comeback after 2 years has already gone viral on the internet.

Chay Suede was amused by the situation and replied: “2 years late, but it’s ok. Let’s go for it!”. The conversation between the artists was shared by Whindersson Nunes himself, showing the faux pas he committed on the social network. Lately, the ex-Rebel shows his routine at the gym through feed and fitness.

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Over the print containing the history, Whindersson Nunes fired: “It was bad man, I have this problem”. EM OFF reported exclusively that the comedian will participate in Luísa Sonza’s new video, after the singer broke up with Vitão, the two would be reconciling and meeting again and exchanging messages.

Who ran after Whindersson Nunes was Vitão, singer and ex-boyfriend of Luísa Sonza. The pop singer followed the comedian on Instagram and supposedly seeks an approximation of Piauí. What nobody understood so far is that the musician didn’t like Nunes and had already divulged some hints.

According to Erlan Bastos, journalist at Record, Luísa Sonza would have called Whindersson Nunes and talked for more than 2 hours. The phone chat paid off and the comedian cried a lot. Who gave the first past was the blonde, who contacted her ex-husband to find out how he was after the breakup with Maria Lina.

Separated from Whindersson Nunes recently and after losing her son, digital influencer Maria Lina revealed that she has had healthy nights again. The ex-fiancée of the comedian and actor vented on social media: “I’m sleeping better, thank God. My nights sleep were healthy again”.

(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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