Whindersson Nunes responds to a message from Chay Suede 2 years later and jokes: ”I was sleeping”

Whindersson Nunes responds direct sent by Chay Suede in July 2019, inviting the comedian to boxing training

Whindersson Nunes (26) replied to a message you received from Chay Suede (29) 2 years later!

The comedian amused followers by showing the actor’s message sent in July 2019, when the husband of Laura Neiva (27) and father of Mary (1), invited the comedian to a boxing workout.

In his Instagram Stories, Whindersson shared a screenshot of their conversation.

“Brother, are you living in São Paulo? Let’s train. I know you’re strong in boxing. Let’s go! Hug.”, said Chay.

“Yes I am, man. It was bad. I was sleeping, I woke up now”, joked the comedian when answering, adding that “has this problem”. Chay kept the invitation standing: “Hahahahahahaha 2 years late, but ok. Let’s do it!”.

Maria Lina talks about receiving support from Whindersson Nunes to become an influencer

Maria Lina (23) put an end to rumors that she is in contact with her ex, Whindersson Nunes, to ensure a career as an influencer and explained why she continues to reside in the house where the two lived together since January. “This house I’m living in today, I’ve lived with Whindersson since January in it and it’s rented, not bought. We rented it together in January for us to live together and we lived here until the end of our relationship. “When we broke up, Whindersson never really liked this house… And I told him, since he wanted to move, that he let me stay in this house until the contract ended, that he didn’t need to rent another place for me to stay. and to stop me I didn’t need to rent another place because this house has a contract until January. And we agreed, in a good way, super friendly, he accepted right away”.


Whindersson Nunes replies to message from Chay Suede 2 years later

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