Widow of Chico Anysio poses with her mother and remembers treatment against covid

Malga di Paula, Chico Anysio’s widow, posed with her mother after they were both hospitalized as a result of covid-19. The writer and businesswoman was discharged yesterday, according to information confirmed by her niece Mô Bertuzzi to UOL.

In a publication on social networks, she showed the reunion after 70 days and recalled the difficulties experienced during treatment in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). She also mentioned that she won the covid, a stroke, seven surgeries, drains and gastrostomy.

Yes, my people. We’re home and that’s great! I will continue my recovery here. I continue with the gastrostomy, doing physiotherapy and speech therapy and return in 30 days for a medical review.
Malga di Paula being posted on Instagram

In her report, Malga highlights that she had to treat a pulmonary embolism and a stroke (cerebrovascular accident) caused by a fall from the bed, in addition to seven surgeries to recover her lungs and kidneys.

I hope to be vaccinated soon and I remind everyone to continue taking care of prevention protocols, such as using masks, alcohol gel and keeping social distance.
malga di paula

Malga di Paula was admitted to Hospital São Vicente de Paulo, in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, on June 27th.

Udila, the writer’s mother, was also hospitalized with covid-19 at the São Francisco de Assis hospital in Parobé, Rio Grande do Sul. She has also left the ICU and was transferred to a room at the São José Hospital, in David Canabarro, in the same state, before being discharged.

The businesswoman and Chico Anysio were married for 15 years until the artist’s death in 2012. In April, she said she would like to “seal peace” with the comedian’s family after friction over his inheritance.