With a Porsche vetoed by her aunt, Gugu’s daughter calls a R$ 420,000 car “Thing”

Sofia Liberato, one of Gugu Liberato’s twin daughters (1959-2019), couldn’t buy the Porsche she wanted, but she is crying her heart out aboard another luxury car. After taking a while to present information about the vehicle of her dreams and having the purchase vetoed by her aunt, Aparecida Liberato, the young woman had to choose another luxury car that was within her budget. “I present to you the ‘Thing’, my new car. I just have to thank God”, he shared on Instagram, in May of this year.

“I asked my aunt for the Porsche I always dreamed of having. She said that she spoke to the prosecutor, and they informed me that I could not have this car, as it was a luxury, and I am a 17-year-old child, as well as being very expensive. I found this very strange, but I found another car cheaper. I ended up buying one at half price. I wasn’t really happy”, the student vents in a video.

In testimony, Sofia mentions that her brother, João Liberato, not only earns a monthly pension greater than the amount received by her and her sister, Marina Liberato, but was also able to buy a car for a much higher price than the twins. The price of the 0km car from João is estimated at R$292,000. However, Marina got a permit to spend “only” R$ 242 thousand with the purchase of the vehicle. Sofia raised a little more: R$ 249 thousand. In a video to which the column had access this Wednesday (8/25), Sofia and her sister accuse their aunt of lying.


The car purchased in May this year can cost more than R$ 427 thousand, depending on the model, accessories and functions. When announcing the name of her first car on the internet, several internet users were amused by the nickname, but Sofia hid more than 800 comments made in the photo.