With Champions League, SBT manages to attract unprecedented sponsors · TV News

Even with an initial audience far from ideal, the SBT already celebrates the effects of the arrival of the Uefa Champions League on the broadcaster. TV hit a commercial goal and closed three sponsors before the group stage, when clashes between the big teams in Europe begin.

More than that: SBT managed to bring sponsors that had never advertised in SBT programs, something that was a big objective when football started to have massive investments, in September 2020, with Libertadores da América it was acquired.

According to the TV news, in all, there are six quotas available in the advertising market for European football on SBT, which includes the Champions League, the Europa League (from the quarterfinals onwards) and the Conference League (finals). It is the same number of shares for Libertadores.

Sportingbet, Heineken and WhatsApp bought the shares. The last two draw more attention. The brewery and the messaging app have never purchased a commercial quota on a program or event on Silvio Santos’ broadcaster.

The direction wanted, with football, to diversify the contents and bring new possibilities of revenue. The bet is that, before the start of the Champions group stage, more shares will be sold. Today, there are two negotiations in progress.

SBT will air games every Tuesday, in addition to the single-game final, which takes place on Saturday afternoons. The Europa League will only be shown from the quarter-finals, in March of next year. The other games were licensed to TV Cultura, which makes good money. The Conference League will have its final shown together with Cultura.