Woman broadcasts live flood and drowns minutes later: “Really scary”; know details

An American woman drowned last Saturday (21), a few minutes after making a video showing a flood that surrounded her house during a storm in Tennessee, United States. The record was shared by her on Facebook. Linda Almond, 55, started a live broadcast on the social network to show the seriousness of the situation in her region.

In just over a minute, the woman recorded the water running outside the house and dragging some objects with it. “Well, if anyone is seeing me on Facebook, we’re being flooded right now in Waverly, Tennessee. It’s really scary. That’s scary“, she said, in the video that recorded her last words.

Toward the end of the images, a male voice appeared in the background, alarming: “I think something hit the side of the house“. The woman is then startled. “Oh my God. Oh my God“she said, ending the broadcast. Watch:

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Family members told WKRN that Linda and her son Almond climbed onto the roof of the house to try to save themselves, but both ended up falling when the structure collapsed completely. The 37-year-old boy managed to survive. “My brother fell for about 45 seconds underwater and when he came back he couldn’t find his mother. That’s when they let go. It was the last time he saw her“Explained Victoria Almond to the Washington Post.

The girl lives 72 kilometers from the accident site. The boy told his sister that he and his mother had just taken their belongings off the floor, when they noticed that there was water coming into the house. Before they knew it, the property was already flooded. The woman’s body was found on Sunday (22), among the rubble of the accident. Linda was one of 22 victims of a terrible storm that hit the Waverly region.