Woman suffers attacks after donating money for facial surgery

Juju Oliveira, the trans woman who opened a cow to undergo surgery to remove industrial silicone from her face last year, says she regrets donating the money: “Many thought I used it myself.”

In February of this year, Juju withdrew from undergoing the procedure because he was only able to collect 20% of the amount he needed. She says that she donated the amount raised, but now she is being attacked by people who do not believe that this was the destination of the money.

Attacks Juju Oliveira receives on social networks - Reproduction - Reproduction

Attacks Juju Oliveira receives on social media

Image: Reproduction

A resident of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Juju showed messages she receives from a profile called “Juju scammer”: “Chinelona, ​​bitch, I’ll pick you up in Passo Fundo, rip your face, give you this surgery for free with one swipe “.

She also posted about the attacks: “I was very judged when I accepted to receive help and even more judged when I donated everything without giving even a single satisfaction! Many thought I used it for myself! Many said it was a scam!”

“I helped a lot of people who now hate me because I can’t help anymore. Maybe I made the wrong decision to have donated all the money out of fear, for having already gone through an attempted robbery! At that time I lost credibility with many. I need help and many tell me to go to work.”

Juju added: “OK, if because I donated money for the surgery I don’t deserve to be helped anymore, then I’m like that. Thank you so much to everyone who helped.”