workers born in July receive the 5th installment; check dates

This Thursday (26/08), Caixa pays the 5th installment of emergency aid for a new group of the general public and Bolsa Família. Check out.

THE fifth installment of emergency aid continues to be deposited by Caixa. This Thursday (26/08), it will be time for a new group to receive payment. The fifth installment will be transferred to the general public who born in july and is not part of Bolsa Família. That is, members of CadÚnico and citizens who guaranteed aid in December of last year.

The amounts referring to the 5th installment of the benefits continue with the same criteria. Thus, the mothers who are heads of the family have BRL 375, while those who live alone receive the amount of BRL 150. The other beneficiaries of the program are entitled to the payment of BRL 250. Since the resumption of aid in 2021 , the government did not release deadline for new registrations.

5th installment of emergency aid; check calendar

For the general public receiving the benefit, the dates of deposits and withdrawals were staggered according to the birthday month. The money is initially deposited in digital social savings (Caixa Tem application). At a later time, Caixa must release the possibility of withdrawing the installment.

Follow the 5th installment calendar of emergency aid for those who are not part of Bolsa Família, that is, the general public:

Birthday monthdeposit datewithdrawal date

To the Bolsa Família beneficiaries, payments follow traditional program dates. That is, they were organized based on the last digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number). This Thursday (26/08), they receive those with NIS ending in 7. Check it out:

NIS final numberPayment dates
NIS 1August 18, 2021
NIS 2August 19, 2021
NIS 3August 20, 2021
NIS 4August 23, 2021
NIS 5August 24, 2021
NIS 6August 25, 2021
NIS 7August 26, 2021
NIS 8August 27, 2021
NIS 9August 30, 2021
NIS 0August 31, 2021