WTorre’s debt earns Palmeiras 20 months without rent in the trophy room – Blog do Perrone

Due to the agreement made for the construction of Allianz Parque, Palmeiras will have to pay rent to WTorre to use the area where its new trophy room is located. This situation generates criticism from the opposition. However, the blog found that in the first 20 months Alviverde will not make payments. This is due to a debt the construction company has with the club.

The space will open on Thursday (26), the 107th anniversary of Palmeiras.

The chosen area is attached to the stadium, which is why it is part of the contract that provides for the payment of rent.

The topic was debated at the COF (Council of Guidance and Inspection) of Palmeiras, after a presentation made by the board. Mustafá Contursi, one of the opposition leaders, spoke out against the idea of ​​the club paying the rent stipulated by the WTorre in order to use the area as a trophy room.

At least part of the opponents understands that the management should choose a place that is exclusively its own, for which it does not need to pay.

According to the blog, when negotiating the use of the area, Palmeiras managed to get the amounts owed by the construction company to be used to pay off the first 20 months of rent. Only after this period will Alviverde start to pay. The rental price was not disclosed by the parties.

Sought through its press office, WTorre stated that it does not comment on contractual issues involving its partners.

Palmeiras also declined to comment on the matter, according to its communications department.

In June, the club announced on its website that the contract establishes the lease “of an area of ​​2,200 m² on the first floor of the Allianz”.

The same note says that “the agreement will last for just over 23 years, when the period of exploration of Allianz Parque by Real Arenas, a company belonging to WTorre, will come to an end.”

About part of the opposition understanding that the club should have chosen an area of ​​its headquarters that was not linked to the construction company, two sources connected to the board said on the blog that there was no other space of the same size and quality for the installation of the trophy room.

One of the expressions used to rebut the opponents was: “Palmeiras do tuginho won last ninth”.

Another argument used to defend the lease is the fact that the contract with WTorre provides for the transfer to the club of part of the revenue obtained by the construction company with rent in the area of ​​the arena. In other words, a portion of the expense will return to the palmeiras coffers.


Another criticism made by some opponents is that the inauguration turned into an event to help Leila Pereira’s electoral campaign.

The thesis is that the board left to do the inauguration shortly after Leila officially launched her candidacy for the presidency.

Genaro Marino, one of the opposition leaders, says the trophy room issue is an old one and could have been resolved sooner. “The management is doing the work for the candidate,” said Marino. He is also against using a space that requires rent payment.

Another complaint is that no opposition advisers were invited to the inauguration. Leila, who is a counselor, will be there.

The speech in the board is that the date was chosen because it is the anniversary of Palmeiras and that no councilor was invited to the inauguration. Nor those of the situation. Leila, who is an advisor, was invited as a sponsor (Crefisa and FAM).

Board members, situationists and opponents, were invited to lunch at the venue this Friday. They will also have two exclusive visitation days for them, with the right to three companions.

Also according to a source connected to the direction, there was no way to anticipate the inauguration because the agreement was closed in June and work was done “in record time” to allow the opening on the club’s anniversary.

Asked about the opposition’s criticisms, Leila sent the following note to the blog, through her press office:

“Due to the pandemic, there is a limitation on the number of people at the event.

I’ll even be at the site for being a sponsor, as well as other sponsors of Palmeiras will be there.

I regret that the opposition thinks so small, today is the anniversary of Palmeiras and what everyone should be celebrating is that we finally have the trophy room and of course the date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the SEP and that the inauguration of this very important space refers the very history of our club’s achievements”.