Zé Elias does not approve of Maicon’s possible arrival at Flamengo and critic Marcos Braz: “It won’t fit”

Flamengo continues in the market to further qualify coach Renato Gaúcho’s team. In addition to making official striker Keneddy and midfielder Andreas Pereira, manager Marcos Braz is in the market to bring at least one more defender. After not moving forward with David Luiz, the director acted quickly in the market and forwarded the hiring of Maicon, ex-São Paulo.

According to reporter Bruno Andrade, Maicon is already in Rio de Janeiro to close the details of the agreement with Flamengo. The athlete agreed to close with the Rio team after terminating his contract with Al Nassr, from Saudi Arabia.

The amounts that will be paid to the athlete have not yet been revealed, but anyway, the defender arrives to dispute position with Léo Pereira, Gustavo Henrique, Bruno Viana and Rodrigo Caio, who is recovering from injury and is slowly returning to training.

Who did not like the possible signing of the player was the commentator Zé Elias. For the professional, the defender’s playing style doesn’t fit with the current Flamengo. In addition to the former player, some fans of Mais Querido also did not approve of the idea. “It’s heavy. A slow player. The way Flamengo plays, to chase attackers, I think they’re going to have problems. I don’t think it fits”, said the commentator.

It’s obvious!!! Weak defender who survives from a good moment 5 years ago in SP and who left there already in decline and was now in the competitive Arab world. We’re throwing money away… It’s better to give Noga and Otávio, who are from the base, an opportunity than to bring another “Bruno Viana”, concluded one angry fan.