Zé Neto posted a wet photo in Mexico and fans warn: “The zoom that fights”

Zé  Neto and his new political photo (Photo: Reprodução / Instagram @zenetotoscanooficial)

Zé Neto and his controversial new photo (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @zenetotoscanooficial)

Ze Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, is enjoying days of tranquil vacation in Mexico with his wife, businesswoman Natália Toscano and shared a series of photos in one of the tourist caves in the region.

“Adam and Eve, in the blue lagoon”, joked the singer in reference to the classic 80’s movie. singer.

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One of the fans wrote: “The zoom that fights”; another one said: “My boss’s carrot”. “This one doesn’t need a zoom,” said one more. “I guarantee that it wasn’t just me who zoomed in to see it closer,” said another. Already an admirer revealed a nickname of the countryman: “Zé metro is back.”

DJ Wesley Calisto joked: “This one will never drown with a buoy like that between his legs, God help me.” The singer Elaine Cristina, on the other hand, asked for attention: “Tell Natália to be very careful that there are snakes there”, she wrote.

In April of this year, he became the subject, for the same volume, after posing in swim trunks during a trip. “This boom took us by surprise, but we took a lot in lightness and humor. The comments were pretty funny too. Our reaction was to go the same way, the side of laughter,” he told “Extra” at the time.