Zé Neto reveals hectic sex life with his wife: “Every night”

It’s still winter here in Brazil, but it seems that the weather has warmed up for good! After shocking the web – once again – on account of the volume in your swim trunks, Ze Neto, from the duo with christian, talked about the BUSY sex life with his wife, Natalia Toscano.

This Wednesday (25/08), the lovebirds, who are enjoying their holidays in Tulun, had a chat with followers on Instagram and, together, made some spicy revelations about the wedding. That’s right. In the interaction, Zé and Natália were asked about the frequency of sexual relations after so many years of marriage. The country singer then fired: “Every day and every night”.

Zé Neto and Natalia. Photo: Intagram @zenetotoscanoofical

They even remembered the couple’s first time. According to the influencer, the boy, her boyfriend at the time, was feverish at the time of the act: “Our first time human being here was burning with fever. He took the cast off, it was all broken”, he told, with laughter. “I told her, ‘It can come hot I’m boiling'”, joked Joe.

On social networks, Natalia also spoke about the experience, which, according to her, seemed very excited. “Dear Jesus, they said this was level 1. No kidding, I think we managed to sleep it was after four o’clock in the morning”, she said.

Zé Neto and his wife Natália Toscano in Tulum, Mexico. (Photo: Instagram/@zenetotoscanooficial

Snow from the sky!

The week has barely started but we already have a volume going viral! And who are we talking about? of course it’s from Ze Neto, double with christian! This Tuesday (24) the countryman became a subject again due to his “topping package“, if we can put it that way, during a trip to Tulum, Mexico!

It is not the first time that the genitalia of Ze Neto surprises. In September 2020, the countryman broke the internet by posing next to his wife, Natalia Tuscan, in Costa do Sauipe, Bahia. And to have a dimension of the controversy, Instagram even took the picture down!

Now, he has returned to grace his followers without fear of censorship on the social network. While enjoying a tour of the Tak Be Ha cenote, a famous tourist spot in the region, Ze Neto he posed in red shorts—only the water in the cave made his bulk obvious.

(Photo: Instagram/@zenetotoscanooficial