Zezé Di Camargo offers to sing on Sérgio Reis’ album – Entertainment

Zezé Di Camargo used social media to express support for singer Sérgio Reis. This Wednesday (25), the countryman volunteered to participate in Reis’ album, who opted to cancel the project after some artists had withdrawn from the partnership.

“Sergião, you’re not alone. Brazil is with you. What they’re doing to you is of immeasurable cruelty. I think people still haven’t understood that the people’s will prevails, you’re a good man. You’re a good man. A man I’ve known for many years, he only did good. Good for country music, for people who need it most,” began Zezé.

The singer also commented on the withdrawal of artists Zé Ramalho, Maria Rita, Guilherme Arantes, Guarabyra and Anastácia from participating in Reis’ new album. “If it really happened that some artists canceled the participation of their DVD, I will make myself available here. I want to participate, sing a song with you”, he said.

Then, Graciele Lacerda’s fiancé made an appeal to other country singers. “I also leave a message for my sertanejo friends. It’s time for us to take Serjão and put him on our laps, as he did not put a lot of people. When backcountry music needed support, which was underestimated, Sérgio Reis left a career there that he did. he was victorious in the Jovem Guarda and became a country singer. Since then, he wore the countryman’s attire, and he is always with us.”