4.5 meter snake ‘explodes’ when swallowing whole cow

A 15-foot-long python snake “exploded” after swallowing a whole cow. The case took place on Saturday (21) in Phitsanulok province, northern Thailand.

The reptile was found by a farmer in the region, who had been looking for a cow that had disappeared from his property for three days. But according to the British tabloid The Sun, the man has already found the two animals dead.

In images recorded by the farmer, the snake appears with a hole in its body, through which it is also possible to observe the cow’s mortal remains.

Experts interviewed by Thai media said they believed the reptile’s stomach had ruptured after being clogged by a large amount of the cow’s meat.

A village official identified by The Sun as Nirun Leewattanakul theorized that the python was starving when it spotted the cow, choosing to strangle the animal and swallow it whole.

“But after the cow died inside the snake, its body swelled and stretched the snake’s stomach even further,” added the man, saying the scene found by the farmer was “frightening”.

According to the tabloid, National Geographic claims that the snake found in Thailand, known as the Burmese python, is capable of digesting up to twice its weight in food. It is found in Southwest and Southeast Asia.