A nanny’s employer has already attacked another employee with “punch in the eye”, says a neighbor; woman jumped from building to escape aggression | Bahia

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“She’s already the second person to leave here like that. The other one left here running with a punch in the eye. Running even in the condominium. She went down and ran away from her boss,” she says.

Raiana Ribeiro da Silva, 25, said she had been working there for a week, taking care of three children. According to her, the attacks began after informing her employer, identified as Melina Esteves França, that she wanted to leave her job. O G1 he tried to talk to the woman, but until the last update of this article, he hadn’t been able to get in touch.

“I was going to do eight days today [que estava trabalhando lá], but the aggression started on Tuesday. It started because I told her that I couldn’t do it anymore, that I was going out on Wednesday. Then she said: ‘I’ll show you, bitch, if you go out’. And then he started attacking me”, said the young woman.

On Wednesday, the situation got worse. “She locked me in the bathroom yesterday morning, and that’s when the desperation to escape somehow hit me. When I saw the bathroom tipper, then I tried to get out. I thought I was reaching the other window, but I didn’t reach and I let go. hanging on a ‘step’ where she spreads clothes, but I didn’t reach the other window, I let go and fell,” reported the nanny

The young woman survived the fall but suffered a broken foot. She was discharged on Wednesday, but will have to stay a few days without getting out of bed. Charged, she testified to the police this Thursday (26).

Nanny who jumped from a building to escape her mistress testifies this Thursday

Nanny who jumped from a building to escape her mistress testifies this Thursday

In addition to the neighbor’s report, lawyer Bruno Oliveira, who represents Raiana, said that two other people made reports on social networks, saying that they had worked for the same woman and suffered similar aggressions.

“One of them has already contacted us. [Ela] was apprehensive, afraid to do the police report, but with our support, we will present it this afternoon. Her name is Ana Cristina”, detailed

The lawyer explained that the woman decided to register the BO after seeing what happened to Raiana. “She was sensitized and, in order to avoid having new victims, she decided to collaborate too.”

According to Bruno, the woman worked for about a month with Melina and was deprived of using her cell phone, eating, and leaving the house. In addition to suffering physical aggression, she would also have been subjected to exhausting workdays.

The case is being investigated by the 9th Territorial Police (DT/Boca do Rio). According to the Civil Police, the boss was summoned and will be heard this Thursday.

Audios reveal grief

Nanny who threw herself on the 3rd floor of the building asked for help via messaging app

Nanny who threw herself on the 3rd floor of the building asked for help via messaging app

Before jumping from the third floor of the building, Raiana even sent an audio message asking family members for help in a messaging app. [Ouça acima]

According to Raiana’s defense, after that, the nanny had the cell phone collected by her mistress. Family members were unable to find the condominium where she was working to rescue her.

A friend of Raiana’s added that the nanny said she was beaten with slaps and a wooden spoon. After the case, the Domestic Union stated that it called the Regional Labor Superintendence.

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Unable to get out of bed, Raiana told the whole story — Photo: Reproduction/TV Bahia

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