Adriana comes face to face with the ‘owner’ of the secret about her daughter

In the soap opera Amores Verdadeiros, fate will bring Adriana (Natália Esperón) face to face with one of the few people who know everything about the secret of the woman’s lost daughter. And Vitória’s sister (Erika Buenfil) won’t miss the chance to beg Candelária (Ana Martín) to tell her the truth and tell her where is the child that Aníbal (Enrique Rocha) stole from her arms.

In scenes scheduled to air next Friday (27), the revelation that the important millionaire is going to marry Candelária caught Vitória well and the woman set up the biggest shack in the world. And she wasn’t the only one, as Nikki (Eiza González) didn’t like to see her rival Liliana (Sherlyn) with more money than she did, and that angered the girl even more.

And the protagonist of the Latin story shown in the afternoons of SBT will be worried about her daughter’s behavior, after all Nikki has already faced many emotional problems, and she will let off steam with her sister. Adriana will have no doubts and will blame her father for everything that is happening, but Vitória will be more concerned with resolving the issue, so she will ask her sister to look for Liliana to avoid further fights.

In True Love, Adriana begs for truth

And Adriana will be willing to fulfill the promise made to Vitória, so she will go to Candelária’s house to look for Liliana, but as soon as she meets the woman, there will be a moment of tension, with Liliana’s grandmother questioning if she was criticizing the engagement to Hannibal. But the other will be emphatic that she only wants to know the whereabouts of her lost daughter and will beg for the truth.

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