Adventures in History · Yakuza Director sentenced to death after trial in Japan

In addition to the leader, the deputy director of the block was sentenced to life in prison for episodes of violence

Wallacy Ferrari, under the supervision of Thiago Lincolins Published on 08/25/2021, at 12:52 pm

One of the main coordinators of Yakuza, Japan’s largest criminal group, was sentenced to death in a court in Fukuoka after being found guilty of four episodes of physical attacks, one of which resulted in the victim’s death.

The man, identified as Nomura Satoru, 74, denies involvement, as reported by the UOL portal.

Nomura headed the union responsible for the group’s operation in southwest Japan, whose bloc is identified as the Kudo-kai. The deputy leader and right-hand man in the block, Smoke Tanoue, also had his participation in the crimes confirmed, but was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The judge responsible for the case, Ben Adachi, came to classify the actions as “extremely cruel” and praised that the evidence points to the ordering of the attacks by the defendant.

However, after delivering the sentence, Nomura used intimidation to rebuke the decision: “I asked for a fair decision. You will regret this for the rest of your life,” said the convict.

The local press, which was able to follow the trial, reports that the charges were formalized through a case link; two beatings, in 2013 and 2014, by a nurse and a dentist, respectively, as well as two shooting attacks against a former police officer, in 2012, and a former head of a fishing cooperative in 1998, the latter coming to to pass away.