Afghanistan Crisis: What Is Isis-K, Possible Author of Airport Attack and Other Atrocities

  • Frank Gardner
  • BBC security reporter

Hooded men in a row

Credit, Getty Images

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Archive photo shows Isis-K militants captured in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan

Isis-K, which stands for Islamic State of Khorasan Province, is a regional branch of the Islamic State (also known as the acronym Isis) that operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is the most violent and extreme of all militant groups jihadists (who promote the so-called Muslim “holy war”; understand) in Afghanistan.

This regional arm was created in January 2015 at the height of Islamic State power in Iraq and Syria, before its self-declared caliphate in the Middle East was defeated and dismantled by a US-led coalition.

Analysts believe that this extremist group may be the perpetrator of bomb attacks at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, this Thursday (26/8). The attacks were condemned by the Taleban, an Islamic fundamentalist group that took power in Afghanistan in mid-August.