After an agreement with Roger Guedes, Corinthians sets a new focus on the market

In recent days, the Corinthians board has focused efforts to close the hiring of Roger Guedes. There were hours and hours of meetings and a lot of external expectations.

With the agreement reached late on Thursday night, the club will now focus on negotiations that could result in players leaving.

Timão received proposals by Raul Gustavo and Léo Natel, in addition to numerous surveys by other athletes from the cast.

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THE Sports Gazette, President Duilio Monteiro Alves admitted the need to sell pieces from Sylvinho’s group. The club’s budget forecast jumped to R$100 million with player sales.

There is an understanding that the goal will not be achieved and that it will need to be compensated in another way, but also that some deals will have to be made to mitigate the impact on revenue and boost the cash flow.

Most international windows close at the end of this month or the first week of September. So there is not much time available. The routine of alvinegro top hats should become even more intense, taken by negotiations.

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